First Wash

Weather outside hit 60 degrees F, so my son and I took a little time to wash the salt off Lungta. It is a funny thing, at least for me, a new car’s “first wash.” I feel like I inspect a vehicle pretty well before I buy it, but I invariably discover myriad little defects when I get around to washing it for the first time.

Lungta presented with little but regular, cosmetic wear. There are several minor chips in the front bumper (road debris), one spot on the back bumper suggestive of a bicycle impact, and one spot on the front bumper, driver-side, where someone may have bumped it in a parking lot. None are particularly substantial, and all are essentially invisible unless you are trying to find them.

I also spent a few minutes cleaning the inside, but didn’t really get too picky with it. I did notice that the passenger side airbag compartment on the dash has a wiggle to it and the prior owners put a little double-sided tape to help secure it. This does leave me wondering what could have happened, aside from an airbag deploying, that might have caused it to become loose in the first place. There is literally no evidence of the kind of damage that could set off an airbag, so I guess I will simply remain clueless.

Of course, my daughter wanted to make sure the car was “pretty” after its bath, so she tried posing her newest Build-a-Bear creation, “Strawberry,” on it. Nice splash of color it adds, I think.


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