25 Days: Thoughts

Lungta has been my driving companion for 25 days. Yesterday and today I have enjoyed an opportunity to visit with family, necessitating a 250 mile drive. Tonight I am contemplating my impressions from this first substantial driving adventure.

Dirty Mustang after a snowy, sloppy wet, and salty winter driving adventure.

This trip was undertaken after a 4-5 inch overnight snowfall and I was driving into an area of the state where the accumulation was greater and road maintenance policies seem to be far more lax than where I live.

Lungta performed better than I would have imagined in spite of patches of poorly plowed roads, periodic massive sheets of frozen overpass runoff, and sudden maneuvers prompted by inconsiderate, unskilled drivers. I never once noted it being difficult to control in turns or unstable when braking or accelerating; it was far more well-behaved than the Versa ever was in its wildest dreams. I suppose this is a combination of greater weight, wider stance, and larger tires, but conventional “wisdom” would tell us that being rear-wheel drive would be a greater disadvantage than all of those benefits combined.

This experience has proven to me beyond all doubt that the Mustang line of cars (or any other line of “lite” sports car) is not inherently incapable of safe operation in inclement weather. The safety of such a car is related far more to the sensibility of its operator. Take care of your equipment and don’t drive like a fool, and you and your Mustang can be perfectly happy together even when the snow and ice comes.


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