Release the Horses

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 determination translated into action and I traded the Nissan on a 2014 Mustang.

Random Pool Noodle adds a splash of needed color on this very dreary morning…

I want to take a moment and dispel a few common misconceptions.

First, the Mustang being rear-wheel drive does not inherently mean it can’t drive in snowy weather. Lets face it, this Mustang behaves much more orderly than the Nissan ever did on snow, regardless of how the power gets to the road. Even my ’98, “White Knight,” had very little trouble traversing bad weather. These cars are perfectly capable of surviving winter so long as the driver keeps up on critical maintenance (tires, brakes, suspension) and doesn’t act like a fool.

Lungta, purchased mere days before the first substantial snow of the season.

Fuel economy is also not nearly as big of a bust as I might have been led to believe. I haven’t owned it long enough to have a solid data set, but early indications suggest I’ll see 25 – 28 MPG. I think a 29% increase in fuel consumption for nearly three-times the power is a reasonable trade. That, and the power delivery is fluid and responsive.

I’m further impressed with the comfort of the interior, at least for the driver. There isn’t much to speak for in the back seats, but the front is essentially set up like a cockpit. Absolutely everything feels like it is right where it should be so that the driver can get to it.

Aggressively frozen…

I look forward to spending time with this car, as opposed to it simply being another tool that I use. Or, perhaps one could say that it is a tool just like any other car, but sometimes we just like certain tools better than others? Either way, I’m enjoying it.





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